Coursera – Digital Signal Processing Specialization 2021-7


Digital Signal Processing Specialization is a course in digital signal processing from theory to practice. Discover time-discrete signals and analyze them using Fourier transform. Manipulate signals using filters and learn about digital communication and DSP in real-time. In this series of specialization courses, complete training for digital signal processing is provided, which will focus on the processing of audio and transmitted data. You will start with the basic concepts and move on to discrete-time signals.

The principles of the theory presented in the four courses have a practical supplement in Python that includes exercises with solutions.

What you will learn in the Digital Signal Processing Specialization course:

  • Discover time-discrete signals and analyze them using Fourier transform
  • Learn to manipulate signals using filters
  • Take a round trip to the analog and digital world.
  • Learn about digital data connection and real-time DSP.

Skills you will learn in the Digital Signal Processing Specialization course set:

  • data transfer
  • Sound processing
  • Ipython
  • Fourier analysis

Course details:

Publisher: Coursera
Instructor: Paolo Prandoni and Martin Vetterli
Language: English
Education Level: Average
Number of Courses: 4
Duration: Assuming 6 hours per week, 4 months

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Courses in the Power Electronics Specialization series:

Digital_Signal Processing 1: Basic Concepts and Algorithms

Digital_Signal Processing 2: Filtering

Digital_Signal Processing 3: Analog vs Digital

Digital_Signal Processing 4: Applications

Digital Signal Processing course prerequisites:

The recommended background is in college-level calculus and linear algebra.



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