Coursera – Leading People and Teams Specialization 2022
Leading People and Teams

Coursera – Leading People and Teams Specialization 2022


Leading People and Teams Specialization is a training series on management and team leadership techniques published by Coursera Specialized Academy. This educational series consists of four completely separate courses, and during its educational process, you will get to know the basic principles and techniques of management and leadership.

The art of leadership consists of a set of various skills such as inspiring and motivating members, managing talents and creative people, influencing and persuading different people without coercion, leading different personality types, etc. During the process of this training series, Jeff Brodsky and John Beilein will be with you, who have a lot of experience in the management and leadership of different teams and can transfer their rich knowledge to you.

Jeff Brodsky has served as the Head of Human Resources at Morgan Stanley Investment Banking for a very long time and has a lot of valuable experience in this field.

What  you will learn in the Leading People and Teams Specialization training series:

  • Designing and expanding the vision and initial idea of ​​the company and transferring it to other employees and team members
  • Talent management in order to improve the performance of employees and develop their work skills
  • Using the Michigan leadership model to define important organizational goals
  • Talent management in the space of a company
  • The important goals and functions of a company
  • Inspiring and motivating members
  • Correct and constructive communication with different team members
  • Organizational acceptance (Onboarding)
  • And …

Course details

Publisher: Coursera
Lecturer: Scott DeRue, Maxim Sytch, and Cheri Alexander
Language: English
Institution/University: University of Michigan (Michigan University)
Education Level: Introductory
Number of Courses: 5
Training Duration: Assuming 3 hours of work per week, about 5 Month

Courses in the Leading People and Teams Specialization series

Course 1

Inspiring and Motivating Individuals

Course 2

Managing Talent

Course 3

Influencing People

Course 4

Leading Teams

Course 5

Leading People and Teams Capstone

Course prerequisites

What background knowledge is necessary?

No background knowledge is required. This specialization is designed for anyone interested in improving their management skills.

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Leading People and Teams

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This collection includes 5 different courses.

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Inspiring and Motivating Individuals

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Managing Talent

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Influencing People

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Download part 2 – 201 MB

Leading Teams

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Download part 2 – 834 MB

Leading People and Teams Capstone

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