Coursera - Practical Data Science with MATLAB Specialization 2021-7
Data Science

Coursera – Practical Data Science with MATLAB Specialization 2021-7


Practical Data Science with MATLAB Specialization is a practical training course on working with MATLAB for data science. By completing this course you will gain the skills and confidence needed to achieve practical results in data_science.


Skills such as the ability to visualize data, analyze and model data are among the most sought-after job skills in areas such as the healthcare system, the automation industry, and technology startups. During this specialization course, you will use MATLAB. MATLAB software is used by millions of people working in the fields of engineering and science and has provided the necessary facilities to perform the tasks of your data science.


Skills you will learn in the Practical Data Science with MATLAB Specialization course set:

  • Data analysis
  • DataViz
  • Matlab
  • Feature Engineering
  • Data cleaning
  • machine learning
  • Predictive models
  • Data science

Course details:

Publisher: Coursera
Instructor: Erin Byrne, Michael Reardon, Maria Gavilan-Alfonso, Brandon Armstrong, Nikola Trica, Cris Lapierre, Adam Filion, Heather Gorr, Brian Buechel, Isaac Bruss, Matt Rich, and Sam Jones
Language: English
Level: Beginner
number Courses: 4
Duration: Assuming 4 hours of work per week, 5 months

Courses in Practical Data_Science with MATLAB Specialization:

Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB

Data Processing and Feature Engineering with MATLAB

Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning with MATLAB

Data Science Project: MATLAB for the Real World

Course prerequisites:

Basic math, statistics, and some experience working with spreadsheets will be helpful. No prior experience with MATLAB or programming is necessary.


Data Science

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Quality: 720

This collection includes 4 different courses.

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