Coursera – Python for Data Science, AI & Development 2022
Python for Data Science

Coursera – Python for Data Science, AI & Development 2022


Python for Data Science, AI & Development is a training course on Python programming language and its application in data science, artificial intelligence, and software development, published by Coursera Academy. This training course is one of the most popular introductory Python training courses in Coursera Academy, which was prepared in partnership with the IBM organization and is considered a prerequisite for a set of programs and training sets of Coursera.

Python is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages ​​in the world and is used in almost all companies and various industrial fields from artificial intelligence to software development. There is a huge demand for professional Python developers and this demand trend is expected to remain upward in the coming years.

This training course is completely beginner and can introduce you to the basics of the Python programming language in just one hour. This training course is completely project-oriented, and during the training process, you will get to know the data structure and data analysis process in Python. As it was said a while ago, this training course is considered a prerequisite in a set of official programs and training sets of Coursera, among the most important of which the following can be mentioned:

  • IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate
  • IBM DevOps and Software Engineering Professional Certificate
  • Data Science Fundamentals with Python and SQL Specialization
  • IBM Data Engineering Professional Certificate
  • IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate
  • Data Engineering Foundations Specialization
  • IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate
  • Applied Data Science Specialization
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

What you will learn in the Python for Data Science, AI & Development course:

  • Basic principles of Python programming language such as data types, variables, and expressions.
  • Types of data structures in the Python programming language, such as lists, collections or sets, dictionaries, etc.
  • Branches, objects, functions, loops, and classes in the Python programming language and the use and advantages of each
  • Pandas and Numpy data analysis libraries
  • data science
  • And …

Python for Data Science Course details

Publisher: Coursera
Instructor: Joseph Santarcangelo
Language: English
Provider institution/university: IBM
Training level: Introductory
Number of training weeks: 5
Duration of training: 21 hours

Python for Data Science, AI & Development course topics

Week 1

Python Basics

Week 2

Python Data Structures

Week 3

Python Programming Fundamentals

Week 4

Working with Data in Python

Week 5

APIs, and Data Collection

Course prerequisites

What background knowledge is necessary?


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Python for Data Science

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