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Solve the problem of crashing the game or suddenly jumping out of the game in Windows

If you are looking for a solution to the problem of the game crashing or suddenly popping up in Windows, this article can help you solve your problems.


The problem of the game crashing or suddenly popping up in Windows has occurred to all game friends, but this is not without reason, and in this article, we will discuss the possible reasons.

When you buy or download a new game, you expect it to run, but sometimes games crash. The reason could be the game itself, sometimes a hardware problem and sometimes the internet. Knowing why your favorite game ( Minecraft, for example ) crashes is not easy, but with a little research, you can solve this problem.

If you do not know what causes the game to crash, you can use the Windows Event Viewer tool to keep track of what is happening on your computer. If you are one of those people who buy games, first install the demo versions and make sure the works run on your computer and then proceed to purchase them. Some games have problems, but if works like Minecraft, Apex Legends, or Call of Duty: War Zone crash into your computer, 10 different reasons can be inferred .

– DRM has caused you problems
– You need to upgrade your operating system completely
– Your internet network is not fast enough
– Your computer hardware is outdated
– Graphics card needs more power
– Pages There is too much open in the browser
– The game is running in the wrong mode
– You have overclocked too much
– The game settings are incorrect
– Drivers need to be updated

Solve the problem of crashing the game or jumping out of it suddenly in Windows

In the following, we will fully address each of these reasons to solve the problem of the game crashing or jumping out suddenly in Windows 10. These tips also apply to Windows 7 and 8.

1- Old hardware

It seems obvious, but there are still many people who do not pay attention to the technical specifications of the system before installing a game . Parts of a cheap car are usually not compatible with an expensive car, right? So why install a game without knowing if it can be run on your computer.

If you are buying a game from Steam or any other platform, first check the system required for the game. Even on the back of the physical versions of the games are written the specifications of the hardware they need. Sometimes a game may run, but most of the time, you run into problems. There are many sites through which you can find out the system requirements for games. So this is your first step in solving the game crash problem.

2- Overclock

Solve the game crash problem

Overclocking can be one of the reasons your games jump out. Overclocking means increasing the clock speed of the CPU or GPU. You can do this to improve the performance of your computer, and with a proper ventilation system, this will lead to good results.

Overclocking is an art, but it does not always work magic. Overclocking the main processor may be beneficial, but it is not the best way to increase system performance, especially since it causes games to crash. To troubleshoot an overclocked computer, you must reset your CPU and GPU to the default settings. After doing this, if your problem is not solved then you should look elsewhere for the answer.

3- Game settings are important

Most games, especially those that require powerful hardware, have a dedicated settings section for graphics and video. Some games even adapt to your hardware and come up with a dedicated configuration for your computer when they run. On the other hand, some games do not have the ability to adapt to your system and crash. In the graphics settings section, try different options, raise or lower the game graphics and repeat this several times until you reach the desired result and have no problem running the game. This is not an ideal solution, but if the problem is with the game, this way can be the answer.

4- Your graphics card needs more power

Solve the game crash problem

One of the reasons games break down can be the Power Supply Unit. This is usually due to the graphics adapter, which requires more power and no such power is available. The solution to this problem is not so difficult, it is enough to change and upgrade the power supply unit so that it can provide enough power to run the game.

Before replacing the power supply unit, make sure that your case and graphics card are clean and free of dust. Dust can increase the heat inside the case and put more pressure on the processor and video card. So do not forget that dust equals more heat, in which case the fans will not be enough, and not only will your computer shorten its life, but its efficiency will decrease.

5. Your operating system is not good enough

Solve the game crash problem

If you look at the system requirements of the games, you will see that the operating system and the version required to run them are mentioned. For example, some games currently only work on Windows 10, and no matter how hard you try to run them on Windows 7, you will not succeed. In addition, most games these days are designed for 64-bit versions of Windows and do not run properly on 32-bit versions. The opposite is also true, for example Fallout 3 does not run on Windows 10, or many games released during the Windows XP era do not boot properly on newer Windows.

Usually your Windows has a direct relationship with your computer hardware. The older system on which Windows XP is installed is certainly not suitable or capable of running day-to-day games.

6- The time for update has come

Solve the game crash problem

Hardware upgrades are expensive, but software and driver updates are inexpensive. Always try to keep your system up to date. Games may crash due to the obsolescence of your drivers. For example, your graphics card driver must be up to date, do not forget to update your games! Sometimes game files crash or a bug causes them to crash. After learning about this issue, the manufacturers will solve your problem by releasing an update.

To update the graphics card, just visit the manufacturer’s site. You can also search for patches for games to solve your problem. Some games install new updates automatically (such as Borderlands), but you must have the original version of the game. Copied and cracked titles usually have a lot of crashes, in which case you have no choice but to download another version of the game.

7- The problem is from the internet

Solve the game crash problem

In online games, jumping out of the game can be due to network problems. The game crashes when the game client is not updated in time due to an internet outage or poor speed. Always check if your internet speed is suitable for the online game you are going to play. Also disconnect other software that uses your Internet.

If the conditions are right for you, stay away from Wi-Fi while playing online games and connect your computer to the modem via Ethernet. For example, Stronghold: Crusader 2 is an online game that crashes and annoys you if the internet speed is not high.

8- The problem is software lock (DRM)

Solve the game crash problem

Sometimes, the DDR I or lock software that allows execution does not play correctly (I DDR stands for Digital rights management, digital rights management means and is designed to protect copyright). It has happened many times that DRM has led to the collapse of games. If a game has a software lock, first see if it can be played offline. If the answer is yes, disconnect from the internet and play. This is because the move prevents the DRM from connecting to the main server and does not crash. Some copy games that have a broken DRM lock may also crash, in which case you should look for the right crack or patch.

9- Run the games in another mode

Solve the game crash problem

Always close additional software when running the game. You may need additional software such as Discord, but leave out any unnecessary software to keep your computer focused on the game. This is an unwritten law; It does not matter if you are on Windows or Mac or on Linux and Android, always close the software before running the game.

Windows has a special feature called Game Mode that if you enable it, the system will be ready to play and you will not receive any notifications. You can enable this mode from the Windows settings section. This can help improve the performance of the game as well as the frame rate.

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10. Close the browser

Solve the game crash problem

And last but not least, the browser’s not forgotten. Opening a page in a browser may not be a problem for your system, but if it is 20 pages open, for example, you will no doubt have a problem. So, close all the unnecessary pages and if possible, search the internet with your smartphone so that the computer can improve the game well.

Having trouble crashing the game or suddenly jumping out of Windows? Share these problems with us.

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