Create an Apple ID with the iTunes app

Create an Apple ID
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Create an Apple ID

You must know that to launch and use Apple hardware and software that have iOS operating system, you must have an Apple ID. In fact, Apple ID is a prerequisite for using Apple products. If you have purchased an iPhone, iPod, iPad or MacBook, do not miss this article. Because we want to teach you how to make an Apple ID with iTunes. Stay with us….


What is Apple ID?

Apple ID is an account with which users of iPhone devices are authenticated. Launching, downloading from the App store, updating apps, activating iCloud on all devices and syncing them, etc. are all possible only with an Apple ID. Each user must have their own unique Apple ID.

In case of forgetting or losing the information about Apple ID, it is not possible to recover the data and the device that Apple ID is set to. So be diligent in maintaining it…

Also, do not share your Apple ID information with others. Because Apple ID contains all your information. Information such as photos stored in iCloud and the location of places you were present at any given time;


Making Apple ID

There is no charge to build an Apple ID and it is generally free. But in some countries, such as Iran, it may be a little difficult because of sanctions and restrictions. That’s why many malls sell Apple IDs.


Note that you do not need a gift card or master card to create an Apple ID.

Also, Apple does not sell Apple ID cards in any way. In fact, Apple ID card is illegal.

Because they use temporary servers to build Apple ID cards. Later, when those servers are destroyed, that Apple ID loses its validity and can no longer be used.


There are several ways to create an Apple ID; Like the Apple ID website

Build Apple ID with iTunes for Windows and Mac, as well as using iPhones and iPads or even Android.

Here’s how to build an Apple ID with iTunes:


Create an Apple ID with the iTunes app

To do this, download and install the iTunes application.


Note that the most important item for making an Apple ID is a valid and accessible email.


Well, do the steps as follows:

1. Launch iTunes;

2. Open the Account menu and select Sign in;


Create an Apple ID with the iTunes app


3. After the Sign in to iTunes Store window opens, click the Create New Apple ID button;


Create an Apple ID with the iTunes app


The Apple ID build page opens;


first stage

4- Enter the e-mail address (email), a password for Apple ID and repeat this password;

  • Apple ID password must contain uppercase letters, characters, and numbers;


5. In the Country field, you must select a country, preferably the United States;


6. Check the Apple Customer Statement and then click the Continue button;


create apple id



Step Two   Personal Information 

7- At this stage, you must enter personal information such as name and surname and date of birth;

  • If you do not know your date of birth , you can use   ;
  • Be sure to enter the correct date as your date of birth may later be used as a security question.


8- Security Questions include three security questions; Select one of the available questions and type the appropriate answer;


Security Questions are very, very important parts of Apple ID.

I strongly urge you to take a picture of these questions and answers and a safe place! Keep.


Because, as you know, you need email and security questions to recover your Apple ID password.


9- After completing all the sections of this step, click the Continue button;


create Apple ID with iTunes



third level

This step is the information completion step;


10. In the Payment Method section, select the None option;


11. In the Billing Address field, you must enter a real address, including details such as city, region, street, postcode, etc.


12. Well, click the Continue button to go to the next step;


Create an Apple ID with the iTunes app



The last step

The last step is to verify your email. An email containing the verification code will be sent to the email address you entered.


13- Type the verification code in the relevant box and click the Verify button.

  • If you entered the code correctly and your email is verified, the message can now be used to access all Apple services will appear below the email address.


14. Just click the continue button to successfully complete the process of creating an Apple ID with iTunes….


Build an Apple ID with the iTunes app


congratulations! Your Apple ID was created….


You can easily use all the services of Apple…

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