Creative Problem Solving - Characteristics

Creative Problem Solving – Characteristics

Efforts to ascertain a connection between intelligence and inventive drawback fixing has been taken many occasions, however after years of analysis, psychologists have concluded that creativity shouldn’t be the identical as intelligence. Somebody might be far more artistic than clever, or vice versa with none affect on the opposite parameter.

With productive considering, the target is to create totally different approaches and take into account even the least apparent or seemingly approaches. Inventive drawback fixing creates a willingness to maintain searching for totally different approaches, even when a promising resolution has been discovered to an issue.

Inflexible considering tends to provide an incapacity in fixing issues as a result of such problem-solving strategies depend on the previous experiences to achieve success. Such problem-solving strategies, are thus, known as reproductive considering.

Reproductive Thinking

The principle cause for extremely productive artistic thinkers to create so many wealthy, various and divergent concepts is that they search for a brand new perspective that nobody might need thought of. Step one of artistic drawback fixing, therefore, is to re-visualize an issue in lots of distinctive methods. The primary few methods of viewing an issue is perhaps too reproductive to provide you with distinctive options.

With every totally different layer of restructuring, the understanding of the issue improves, which brings the thinker to the basis of the issue. At this level, a artistic thinker abandons all of the reproductive considering steps that stem from their previous experiences and re-conceptualizes the issue. One other famous capability of artistic thinkers is that they will handle to function between ambivalent opinions and incompatible topics.


Edison’s first invention of a light-weight bulb which is the earliest system of lighting concerned combining wiring in parallel circuits with high-resistance filaments in his bulbs. The thought of utilizing parallel circuits and resistance wires had been two reverse ideas that didn’t come to the standard thinkers of that point, however Edison might see the connection between two incompatible issues.