Creative Problem Solving - Stages

Creative Problem Solving – Stages

There are six phases of inventive drawback fixing, the place each divergent and convergent thought processes are used. These steps are important for the seek for information after which the narrowing of knowledge.

Through the convergence, the info that may be very near the purpose of problem or shut sufficient to warrant additional consideration are chosen. Particular associated and related gadgets are individually referred to as hits and a cluster of such hits are referred to as ‘hotspots’.

The Goal Discovering Stage

This stage employs divergent considering to record the issues. Convergence is then used to determine the related areas for additional dialogue. ‘Hits’ and ‘hotspots’ are recognized discovering priorities, significance of the issue, its urgency, and its nature.

The Truth Discovering Stage

Subsequent is the fact-finding stage, the place understanding of the issue is elevated by collating of related info. This additionally helps new concepts to be generated. ‘Hits’ and ‘hotspots’ assist to see the issue in a brand new gentle.

The Downside Discovering Stage

On this stage, all of the previous-stage ‘hits’ are used to determine the best drawback listings.

The Thought Discovering Stage

On this stage, inventive drawback fixing groups search for potential options. Primarily divergent exercise is used to carry out many concepts utilizing idea-generation aids.

The Resolution Discovering Stage

All of the implementable concepts are filtered out and their feasibilities are checked.

The Acceptance Discovering Stage

It’s a divergent exercise that helps to implement options efficiently by way of −

  • Itemizing attainable hurdles and methods to beat them
  • Growing implementation and contingency plans
  • Producing Motion Plans for working

Many individuals get used to conventional concepts, and that is typically one of many most important obstacles to inventive drawback fixing. Due to this thought, individuals and organizations are likely to fall into quite a lot of traps when making an attempt to develop into extra revolutionary.

Arranging for group periods the place people brainstorm on concepts scale back the chance of constructing errors as people and it’ll additionally scale back private prejudices. By sharing an issue with individuals or by making our concepts heard, we will probably be getting the prospect to grasp different individuals’s reactions and ideas.