CSC Orion 18.0 SP3 Standard

CSC Orion 18.0 SP3 Standard

CSC Orion is a powerful software for designing and analyzing concrete buildings and structures. Using this program, you can design all kinds of concrete buildings and structures with high speed and accuracy. The program is completely graphical. All the elements used with familiar symbols such as columns, beams, slabs, etc. are in the program, which you can design by placing and connecting these elements together. One of the most important parts of a structural design program is its support of international standards. Each building must be constructed according to certain rules and standards in order to be able to obtain the necessary permits for the desired activity. The program supports UK international codes and new Eurocodes and works according to the above standards when designing, analyzing, proposing and general framework.

Another important part of this program is their analysis. Basically, most of the differences in the capability of structural design and analysis programs are related to this part. CSC Orion has a special ability in analyzing the design and all parts of the structure are analyzed according to different standards as well as critical and boundary conditions. Wherever there is a design problem, the user is warned using the appropriate signs and colors. The analysis that this program performs is based on finite element methods and is based on frame analysis, which has a high accuracy. Creating accurate documents with details in this program is easy and in fact the user does not have much involvement in the production of these documents. Any changes you make to the design will be accurately reflected in the documentation. It is also compatible with other engineering applications such as Autodesk Revit.

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