CSI Italy VIS Concrete Design 12.1.0

CSI Italy VIS Concrete Design 12.1.0

VIS Concrete Design is the name of an engineering and specialized software package in the field of concrete structures design. In fact, this software package can significantly expand the design capabilities of SAP2000, ETABS and CSiBridge products for you. The package in front of you based on Eurocodes as a reference code will make it possible to design and simulate highly advanced structures. On the other hand, this product has provided unique conditions and approach for structural engineers so that they can perform their design and modeling process in the best way.

The VIS Concrete Design software package can be considered as part of the main application you are using. Among the features of this product, we can mention the compatibility and integrity of this package. This means that the capabilities in this package will all lead you to do the best engineering design. In addition to modeling and design capabilities, you can use the tools in this product to analyze your projects along with model interaction and data exchange.

Benefiting from advanced tools for editing and design are among the other benefits of using this product. It should be mentioned that this product is one of the most well-known and appreciated structural engineering packages in the market.

Features of VIS Concrete Design tool:

  • Simplification and effectiveness of modeling and structural design
  • Benefit from the ability to import different models of SAP2000, ETABS and CSiBridge
  • Realistic and three-dimensional display of all parts of your designed structure
  • Generate load combinations based on Eurocode parameters
  • Benefit from seismic performance evaluation tool of concrete structures
  • Existence of PMM power interaction diagram display tool
  • Performing engineering and general calculations related to structural designs

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