CSiBridge Advanced with Rating 24.1.0 x64

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As the name implies, CSiBridge software is a proprietary program for Computers and Structures, Inc., for modeling, analyzing, and designing a variety of bridge structures, which is one of the most complete programs in this field. Advanced modeling of simple and complex bridges, various types of structural analysis of bridge structures, seismography, and retrofitting are among the features of this software.

Features and specifications of CSiBridge software :

– Design of concrete and steel stairs such as suspended stairs, box, cable, steel truss, and…

– Has an advanced Wizard to guide engineers in the stages of modeling, loading, analysis, and design

– Using Gantt charts to show construction sequences in different types of stairs and construction planning and scheduling

– Ability to use the templates available in the software bank

– Automatic change of bridge geometry by changing various parameters

– Use of SAPFire advanced analysis engine (like other CSI software) to perform various analyzes such as creep and shrinkage, geometry and nonlinear materials, cable tension, and…

– Full integration and coordination with other CSI products and in particular the SAP2000 program


The set of changes made to CSiBridge can be viewed here.

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CSiBridge Program Tips :

– The license of this software is offered in four levels, the license that is produced by Keygen or License Generator, is the most complete level, ie Advanced with Rating; See a comparison of version capabilities here.

– Some anti-viruses may mistakenly detect the Keygen file as a virus if the file is completely clean and the so-called False Positive state occurs.

required system

Operating System
Microsoft® Windows Vista, Microsoft® Windows 7, Microsoft® Windows 8, or Microsoft® Windows 10, 32- and 64-bit versions
With a 64 bit operating system, the SAPFire® Analytical Engine can utilize more than 4 GB of RAM, making it possible to solve larger problems




Installation guide

Version 23:

Install the software. During the installation process, select the Standalone License v option and if you encounter the Enter Activation Code window, just close it. Do not run the software after installation. Run a cmd in Run as administrator mode and the type and insert the cd command C: \ Windows \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework64 \ v4.0.30319 \ and then run the ngen uninstall csibridge command. Then run the keygen file in the patch folder (username and password are in the Readme file) to create the lservrc file. Then copy and replace both the lservrc and SentinelRMSCore.dll files in the installation location (CSiBridge 23 folder) as well as in the CSiLicensing folder. The app is now ready to use.

Note that the load time of this program is a bit long and the solution is to replace the SentinelRMSCore.ni.dll file in the patch folder with the file C: \ Windows \ assembly \ NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64 \ SentinelRMSCore \ <product version> \ SentinelRMSCore. ni.dll uses software such as Tera Explorer (product version is different in each version, you can find the path by searching for the file name) but this may lead to the software not running, so be sure to before Replace, back up the original file.

Other versions:

Version 21:

First, if there are previous versions in Windows, delete them. Start the installation and uncheck Perform native image during installation; Once installed, run the license generation tool in the Crack folder to generate the license; Copy and replace both dll and license files in the original paths as well as CSiLicensing; The application requires the Internet to run, and the start of the software may be delayed.

Version 20:

After installing the software, run the file in the Crack folder with Run as administrator and then copy the generated license file to the program installation location; Disconnect your Internet connection while using the software.

The activator does not work in the virtual machine.

download link

Download CSI Bridge Advanced with Rating 24.1.0 x64
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