CSiEDA 5.7.2

CSiEDA 5.7.2

CSiEDA is a comprehensive electronic CAD software for powerful schematic recording, layout and PCB editor, and has all the features needed to perform analog or digital circuit design. CSiEDA Shama product has the following components:

WinSchematic: Schematic recording tool

WinPCB: Analog layer design and digital PCB

WinSpecctra: Automated routing tool

WinVHDL: VHDL and FPGA synthesis tool

Win3DView: 3D analysis tool for PCB

WinMCM: MCM design tool

EDA Manager: EDA project data management tool in network environment

This software is the easiest and fastest integrated EDA solution in 32-bit Windows and supports both standalone and network environment.

Table of Contents

Features and capabilities of CSiEDA:

  • Find EMC / EMI problems before building the board
  • Use all IBIS models offered by any device company
  • Use Hyperlynx and BoardSIM data
  • Analysis of noise electromagnetic radiation
  • Connect analysis results to other applications
  • Import and edit Gerber data created with other software, edit and adjust panel, use aperture data and measure them
  • Integrated board and case design review with Win3DView
  • PCB data design built with WinPCB, readable directly in Win3DView
  • Data design in 360 degree rotation, output of STEP, DXF, IGES files
  • Create polygon shapes, pin designer (shape / name / number / size / level), edit PIN directly using PIN editor list
  • Display port and module address, signal wire movement at 90 degrees, save parts made by Madaz designer

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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