Custom version of PlayStation 5 with liquid cooling frame made by users!
PlayStation 5

Custom version of PlayStation 5 with liquid cooling frame made by users!

Custom version of PlayStation 5

A tasteful Taiwanese user has managed to build a custom version of the PlayStation 5 – PlayStation 5 with a new frame equipped with liquid cooling.


Almost since the ninth generation PlayStation 5 console was introduced in the mid-fall of 2020, many gaming fans have not been able to afford this valuable device. Now, the reason for their failure could be the price issue, which due to the existence of intermediaries and its increase, users have waited to pave their way.

But the main reason why this console is unattainable is that its huge units were bought by the same intermediaries, while the number of PS5 consoles offered is very small and has made it not easy to find and buy in many parts of the world.

In the meantime, many fans have been able to buy and experience the ninth generation of the video game world with the PS5 and even manipulate it!

A Taiwanese gamer with the username Nhenhophach, who makes hand-designed and handmade bags, has recently changed its components after buying his PS5 console.

In the video above, you can see that this person completely dismantles the ninth generation Sony console and reassembles it with his new parts to connect a liquid cooling system to it. In fact, users and people who build and design cases and hardware, especially for PCs, make their choice for the cooling system to the liquid option; Not only do they produce less noise, but they are also much smaller than air-cooling systems such as giant fans.

According to Nhenhophach, this is the first customized version of the PlayStation 5 with liquid cooling system in the world, and other versions will be made by him in the future. It is also interesting to know that he has announced that he will soon sell his promotional model of used parts so that people who intend to use the water cooling system for their console can buy them and then use the case method. Equip your console.

However, it is interesting to know that this was never against the rules and this person did not change the hardware parts of the console and only changed its appearance. It should also be noted that this new version of the PS5 with blue cooling, apparently has a much smaller size than the main console; Which is why many users will soon go to buy the parts needed to equip their device with a liquid cooling system.

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