Cyberfox 52.9.1 x86 / x64 + Portable

Cyberfox 52.9.1 x86 / x64 + Portable

Since this browser is based on Firefox, you can use all Firefox extensions here as well. One of the advantages of this browser is that in addition to having important features, Firefox also has new features. Also, many features of Firefox that are related to data collection have been removed in this program, so you can browse the web with ease. This program is offered in two versions, 32-bit and 64-bit. The 32-bit version of the program also runs on 64-bit systems, but if your Windows is 64-bit, we recommend installing the 64-bit version of the program to get the most out of the program.

Cyberfox Features and Features:

  • More beautiful appearance with more customization capabilities than Firefox
  • Designed based on Firefox browser kernel
  • Has higher power and speed in rendering pages
  • Various options for customizing the app
  • High security and with the possibility of setting different options
  • It has separate and optimal versions for Intel and AMD processors and in two architectures of 32 and 64 bits
  • Remove Firefox data collection sections

Download Cyberfox_52.9.1_Intel_x86

Download Cyberfox_52.9.1_Intel_x64

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