CYME 9.0 Revision 4 Build 545 x64 Free

CYME 9.0 Revision 4 Build 545 x64 Free

CYME CYMDIST tool very powerful to help to you in the creation of “what-if” and run simulations to assess the impact of changes in the system is All information  contained in CYME CYMDIST in Tables SQL Standard  and files XML kept so easily they can be set by third-party software. CYME CYMDIST  software can work with applications        Other  such systems AM / FM / GIS DMS NMS OMS or SCADA and  Embedded systems are  synchronized  and used as component object (COM) model for integration with other COM – compatible  applications. CYME CYMDIST can also be used to analyze long-term voltage currents and dynamics and optimize network settings.  

Features and specifications of CYME CYMDIST:

–  Drop current and voltage analysis

–  Short circuit analysis

–  Optimal capacitor placement and size

–  Balance of time and the allocation and estimate the time

–  Steady state analysis with load profiles

–  Harmonic analysis

–  Optimize network settings

–  Project manager and advanced network forecasting

–  Scattered production modeling

–  Long-term dynamic analysis

–  Volt / VAR optimization

–  Reliability analysis (news and history)

–  Insert the desired voltage regulator

–  Contingent assessment and repair unit

–  Power and network for the modeling

–  Secondary network analysis

–  Voltage distribution network modeling

–  Arc flash risk assessment

– Analysis of protection devices

–  Voltage balanced and unbalanced left and short circuit analysis and analysis (radial, looped or meshed)

–  Device protection organization approved in accordance with criteria defined by the user device and load

–  Fault current calculation settings for asymmetric RMS and peak values for all

–  short circuit and fault analysis of voltage in the network with regard to the conditions Account fault before loading

–  the optimal capacitance and size to minimize losses and improve Profile Voltage

CYMpekt is an incredibly powerful software for designing and analyzing underground networks that greatly helps engineers optimize and design new networks and strengthen existing networks. Using this software, allows you to quickly analyze the various design options, this possibility can be a completely economical solution at work. It should be noted that this software has IEEE 80 ™ 2000, IEEE 81 ™ 1983 and IEEE 837 ™ 2002 standards, which is a very useful software for designing ground and underground networks.

Features and characteristics of CYMpekt:

  • Limited element analysis of conductors and rods of the ground network
  • Calculation of ground resistance of station (Rg) and increase of ground potential (GPR)
  • Touch potential and surface analysis, inside and outside the network environment, with color display in 2D or 3D display
  • Step voltage analysis
  • Calculation of reduction coefficient (Cs)
  • A complete library of the most common types of surface layer materials
  • Supports symmetric or asymmetric networks of any shape

required system

: Operating Systems

Windows 7

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

: Recommended Hardware

A Pentium IV – based computer.

1024 MB of extended memory

1 GB of free hard disk space.



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Installation guide

After installing the software, copy the contents of the crack folder to the installation location.

download link

Download CYME 9.0 Rev 04 x64 (dedicated download crack)

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Download CYME 5.04 Rev 06
Download CYME CYMDIST 4.7 Rev 8
Download CYME CYMGrd 6.3 Rev 7
Download CYME CYMCAP 4.2 Rev 3
Download CYME CYMTCC 4.5 Rev 7
Download CYME PSAF 3.00 Rev 1.2
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