DAEMON Tools Lite / Pro 8.3 / Ultra 6.1 / 6.3 macOS

DAEMON Tools Lite / Pro 8.3 / Ultra 6.1 / 6.3 macOS


DAEMON Tools Lite, Today, the release of many software and games is in the form of images; But to use most of them, you do not need to burn them to disk, and you can easily use them by creating one or more virtual drives without having the usual problems of disks. DAEMON Tools (abbreviation D isk A nd E xecution MON itor Tools) is the most professional and complete software for building and managing virtual drives. The existence of different editions of this program covers the needs of all users and provides all the necessary tools.

Features and specifications of DAEMON Tools software:

– Ability to simulate up to 32 virtual DT and SCSI drivers and 4 IDE drivers (up to 4 drives in Lite version)

– Create images from a variety of disks and save in mdf / mds, iso and mdx formats

– Simulation of locks such as SafeDisc, SecuRom, LaserLock‌ and RMPS

– Compress and reduce the size of images

– Convert all types of image formats to mdf / mds, iso and mdx formats

– Ability to make all kinds of edits on the image *

– Ability to burn images with full settings *

– Making USB sticks in the form of Bootable **

– Support for VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) as well as RAM drive **


* These features are not available in the Lite version.

** These features are only available in the Ultra version.

Formats supported by  DAEMON Tools :

.iso, ccd, isz, nrg, mdx, mds / mdf, b5t, b6t, bwt, cdi, bin / cue, ape / cue and flac / cue

The set of changes made in the various editions of DAEMON Tools can be seen here.

DAEMON Tools program tips:

– DAEMON Tools software has five main editions, of which we have three versions. Lite editing can be used for free; Pro Advanced is the original and complete program for managing virtual drives, and Ultra Edition, which is in many ways the most complete version, offers many additional tools in a variety of environments. See the full comparison of editing features here.

– Activators of the Advanced Pro version are usually incomplete in some cases and do not work properly; For this reason, in some cases, the latest version is not released and the latest version of the program is always provided with a full crack.

– If you do not need more than 4 virtual drives, the Lite version is the best choice.

 – Some antivirus, cracked files or even the installation file of some versions of the program may be mistaken for viruses if the files are completely clean.

required system

: Operating Systems

Windows XP –

Windows Server 2003 –

Windows Vista –

Windows Server 2008 –

Windows 7 –

Windows Server 2008 R2 –

Windows 8 – 8.1 –

: Minimum Hardware

500MHz CPU –

256MB RAM –

30MB hard drive space for installation –




Installation guide

For each version, read the Readme.txt‌ file in the Crack folder.

Download link (new versions at the top of the list)

Download DAEMON Tools Lite Multilingual
Download DAEMON Tools_Ultra x64 Multilingual
Download DAEMON_Tools_Ultra_5.6.0.1216_x86_Multilingual
Download DAEMON Tools Lite portable
Download DAEMON Tools_Pro Multilingual
Download DAEMON Tools_Lite Multilingual Paid License
Download DAEMON Tools_iSCSI 6.3.419 Multilingual macOS
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