Grean Tea Damages Liver Health?
Grean Tea

Grean Tea Damages Liver Health?

Grean Tea

Did you quit your coffee habit and get used to drinking green tea? You may have taken this smart step when you realized the benefits of green tea for you. But despite its health benefits, excessive consumption of green tea can make some people sick. This is what happened to a 16-year-old girl who, according to her weight loss plan, had to drink three cups of green tea daily for three months.

Experiments showed that the pain they thought was caused by a severe urinary tract infection was actually hepatitis caused by plants.

Complications of hepatotoxicity are called hepatitis due to the toxin, and they occur when too much of the plant or supplement chemically damages the liver; from Tylenol to Green Tea.

What causes harm in this group? Green tea contains catechins and antioxidants. If eaten properly, it has major benefits such as lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. However, excessive consumption (such as the amount found in green tea weight-loss supplements) can cause plant-based liver toxicity.

“When you start extracting and concentrating these compounds in the form of compact capsules, they become like little bombs that target the liver,” said Dr. Nikate Senbal, a gastroenterologist and assistant professor of medicine at Touro University in New York.

“These very pressurized amounts damage the liver and cause cell damage.” Symptoms of this complication are fatigue, impotence, severe abdominal pain, and jaundice, so it’s definitely not worth losing a few pounds.

According to Dr. Christopher Hobbes, a botanist specializing in public health, it is not scientifically accurate to evaluate exactly what is meant in large quantities. Each person consumes these compounds in food and plants in different ways. Factors such as genetics and what you eat determine how the liver destroys or consumes these natural compounds.

Should you worry every time you drink tea? “Absolutely not,” says Dr. Senbal. “Green tea is generally safe and healthy, and it happens that with normal daily consumption, for example, one or two cups of green tea, liver toxicity rarely occurs .”

There is a danger when you drink green tea like water! Or, being crazy about green tea! It is not a bad idea to consult your doctor about this. He can help you figure out the right amount for you. The bottom line is that two cups of green tea per day is sufficient, as being natural does not excuse excessive drinking.

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