prevent dark spots and acne using10 amazing foods

prevent dark spots and acne using10 amazing foods


10 amazing foods to prevent dark spots and acne on the skin

The appearance of skin spots or acne is one of the worst skin problems and is very effective in undermining a person’s self-confidence. The appearance of these skin spots is so unpleasant that we often decide to cover them with various harmful creams.

For years, some experts have denied the effect of certain foods in preventing dark spots on the skin, but there are those who believe that eating foods like chocolate or fried foods will make the spots more prominent, and it has already appeared. We should not ignore the impact of diet on the health of our skin.

In this article,  we will discuss 10 amazing foods that prevent the appearance of dark spots and acne on the skin .

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “diet has never been shown to play a role in the cause or treatment of acne.” The site also states that “a healthy diet is beneficial for overall health which includes the skin, which is the largest organ in the human body.”

The benefits of a healthy skin diet range  from improving skin conditions like acne and psoriasis to protecting against environmental factors or free radicals.

According to the Department of Dietary Supplements, the benefits of vitamins  and the mineral selenium have been shown to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals that can contribute to chronic disease and immune system disorders.


10 amazing foods to prevent dark spots and acne on the skin

Senior Journal reports the largest study of antioxidant foods. In this article, more than 100 nutrients were studied, and the results of this study indicate that the beans and fruits listed below are known as the foods with the highest amount of antioxidants which are the 10 amazing foods to prevent dark spots and acne on the skin

  • Cranberries
  • raspberry
  • Blackberry (Blackberry)
  • red berries
  • the strawberry
  • Bukhara plum
  • red plum
  • red apple
  • green apple
  • cherry


Cooked artichokesaare the highest antioxidant vegetable, followed by cooked pink potatoes with the peel. Walnuts are lso useful.


The food richest in selenium is dried nuts, followed by walnuts. Selenium-rich proteins include:

  • light tuna
  • cod
  • turkey
  • Chicken breast
  • cooked beef


10 amazing foods to prevent dark spots and acne on the skin

10 amazing foods to prevent dark spots and acne on the skin

Selenium is also found in cereals such as fortified pasta, oats , rice, and whole grains . Selenium-containing proteins include eggs, low-fat cheese, and cheddar cheese . The importance of selenium is that it is included in the formation of antioxidant enzymes that help protect skin cells from free radicals. Selenium, along with other vitamins and minerals, forms a protective cover for the skin from negative effects on it, especially sunlight, which protects it from premature sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. This is in addition to moisturizing the skin and enhancing its immunity.

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Vitamins A and D are two vitamins that are effective for  healthy skin . The highest sources of vitamin A or beta-carotene (which are responsible for the orange color of some vegetables and fruits) are beef and carrot juice. It is also found in apricots, broccoli, asparagus…

However, Harvard Medical School warns that taking too much vitamin A can lead to birth defects. They recommend taking A in form beta-carotene is not toxic even at high doses.

Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel are rare natural sources of vitamin D. Fortified milk and a little sunlight are the most common ways to get this vitamin, which is important for skin health. The use of vitamin D topically is effective in reducing the activity of bacteria that cause acne.

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