Dassault Systemes GEOVIA MineSched 9.0.0 x64 + Doc

Dassault Systemes GEOVIA MineSched 9.0.0 x64 + Doc

MineSched is a powerful software for planning operations and extraction from surface and subsurface mines. By providing a wealth of capabilities, this product helps you to reduce the fragmentation and complexity of mining planning issues and to be able to make high-level and accurate decisions in an integrated environment. This program is a comprehensive and tested solution for planning surface and subsurface mines of any size, from small planning to the most complex mining operations.

MineSched scheduling speeds up work, improves performance and overall productivity. One of the important advantages of using this program is its accurate and graphical output reports. After completing the planning operation, you can easily receive all the information in the form of tables and graphic charts and in the form of rich reports in various formats and printable. The output of this program can be customized according to your taste, for example, you can choose the type of charts two-dimensional or three-dimensional, use different charts, such as Gantt charts that display the work plan accurately and on time, and you can even A 3D environment See all the information in an instant.

This product is compatible with other family software such as GEOVIA Surpac ™, GEOVIA GEMS ™ and GEOVIA Minex ™ and many other geology and mining planning software. MineSched supports 64-bit systems, and users of 64-bit platforms can enjoy greater processing speed and power. This program has all the necessary facilities for mining planning and mining engineers can make the most of MineSched to advance their goals quickly.

Installation guide

After installation, copy and replace the files in the Crack folder in the program installation location; Run the program and click Apply.

! Disconnect the app from the Internet at runtime.

This version was installed on November 28, 1997 in 64-bit Windows 10 and was successfully activated.

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