DataDynamics ActiveReports ActiveX

DataDynamics ActiveReports ActiveX

ActiveReports is a collection of components and reporting libraries for .NET-based applications. This set includes built-in controls such as barcodes, tablix, charts, data bars and maps for reporting and visualizing data. ActiveReports is well documented with a variety of examples, so you will have no problem learning it and you will be able to easily write your scripts in C # and Visual Basic languages.

Depending on your taste, you can display the output report on various platforms such as browser (HTML5), WPF applications, Winform, Asp.Net Mvc or even PDF documents. This collection, while having an external design environment, is fully integrated with the Visual Studio environment, and without referring to an external designer, you will be able to design various reports in your projects in the same Visual Studio environment. In both cases, the design environment of this tool provides you with all the necessary facilities to design rich reports and supports the ability to drag and drop to design report forms.

Features and characteristics of ActiveReports:

  • Supports all types of page reports, RDL, tabbed reports and…
  • Full integration with Visual Studio environment
  • Fast and multiple connectivity to hybrid data sources
  • Fast reporting engine
  • Comprehensive guide with examples
  • Customizable charts, maps and tables
  • Various controls for printing and output
  • Complete independence of the reporting environment
  • Design optimized queries visually without SQL scripting
  • Ability to publish reports directly on the ActiveReports server

Installation guide

After installation, run the reg file to register the program.

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