DATAKIT CrossManager 2020.3 Build 2020.06.30 x64

CrossManager is standalone software for converting most CAD formats to each other. Simply select one or more CAD files and select the desired output format for the program to automatically convert the desired conversion. This program is offered by one of the leading companies in the field of converting CAD data called Datakit to global markets. This program supports most 2d, 3d, native and natural formats of CAD systems. There are more than 30 readable formats and 20 writable formats in this software so you can easily convert different formats to each other.

For a company that specializes in multi-CAD environments, it is essential that software such as CrossManager does not have any shortcomings when converting data, which fortunately this program does well. There is also an advanced version of this software that allows users to define automated tasks via the command line. (Command line and automation here is a set of commands that are located in a batch file and run simultaneously). For example, by running a batch file, all files in a specific folder are automatically converted. The program is currently available in many languages ​​around the world.

Features and specifications of DATAKIT CrossManager software:

  •  Easy to install and use
  • Fast data processing
  • Regular software updates
  • Completely independent and without dependence on other software
  • Support for various data:
    • Model tree
    • Parts and assemblies
    • Geometries, wireframe, mesh, topology and…
    • Linear and angular launching
    • Notes, PMI, FD & T, GD & T
    • Texts
    • Specifications such as color, display status, layers and…
    • Metadata

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download DATAKIT CrossManager 2020.3 Build 2020.06.30 Win64

Download DATAKIT 2019.3 Import-Export Plugins for SolidWorks 2010-2020 x64

Latest 32-bit versions:

Download DATAKIT CrossManager_2018.1 x86

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