Datamine Studio EM 2.3 / 5D Planner 14 / OP 2.6 / RM 1.4 / UG 2.1 / EPS 3.0 / NPV Scheduler 4.30

Datamine Studio EM 2.3 / 5D Planner 14 / OP 2.6 / RM 1.4 / UG 2.1 / EPS 3.0 / NPV Scheduler 4.30


Datamine Studio is a comprehensive software for managing, optimizing, and performing drilling and mining operations. You can do several designs at the same time in this program. It is possible to create, store and perform work between different sections. It is possible to design and drag different strings between several different windows. Full support for 3D models and the creation of network spaces for better model recognition are features of Datamine Studio. You can introduce two-dimensional pages in the program while working on your three-dimensional model at the same time.

View Lock the app so you can automatically view the 2D view. With 64-bit technology, the display and rendering of graphic models are faster. With one click, you can perform advanced analysis for your model. The user interface of this software is optimized to perform operations faster and create various analyzes. There are new modes for shredding components. The dynamic controls introduced in this software help to control the various components of the system as easily and quickly as possible. With Datamine Studio, you can plan and expedite your underground projects.

Features of Datamine Studio:

  • Management of drilling and mining projects
  • Existence of advanced and specialized analyzes
  • Ability to work on several models simultaneously
  • Dynamic and convenient user interface
  • Use different methods to improve rendering and graphical display
  • Definition of two-dimensional planes, in space and three-dimensional models

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System requirements Datamine Studio

OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

RAM: for 64 bit systems at least 6 GB Recommended

Datamine Studio Pictures



Installation guide

Use the serial in the Serial.txt file to register the software.

In the first run, click on More and then select the Register license key and then enter the serial.

download link

Download Datamine_Studio_OP_2.6.40.0_x64
Download Data_mine_NPV_Scheduler_4.30.55.0
Download Data_mine_Studio_UG_2.1.40.0_x64
Download Data_mine_Studio_RM_v1.4.168.0_x64
Download Data_mine_Studio_5D_Planner_v14.26.83.0
Download Data_mine_EPS_v3.0.177.8019_x64
Download Data_mine_Studio_OP_v2.3.84.0_x64
Download Data_mine_Studio_EM_2.3.121.0_x64
Download Data_mine Studio_OP x64
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