DBISAM Suite 4.40 for XE 10.2.2 Full Source

DBISAM Suite 4.40 for XE 10.2.2 Full Source

Dvisam from Elevate Software is a database engine that can be compiled directly into Delphi, Kylix, C ++ Builder and Borland programming software and can be used as a program or library, or as a package in He now distributed the performance as part of his program. The engine is designed in a predefined database application and can be installed quickly and easily. Dbisam provides reverse engineering features, allowing you to easily create SQL, Delphi and C ++ Builder scripts.

This engine is written in Delphi and Pascal programming languages ​​and can be used with VCL and CLX libraries. This database engine is itself a lightweight engine with a TDBISAMEngine component. When the TDBISAMEngine property type is configured on etClient, this component acts as a local client engine, and when configured on etServer, this component acts as a database server.

Features and facilities of Dbisam:

  • Used in hospital management, management, tax preparation, payroll services, web applications
  • Create, update, rebuild, search and print DBISAM tables from a convenient and easy-to-use interface
  • Easy management of DBISAM database server
  • Transfer BDE tables to DBISAM format with a few clicks
  • Common data types including BCD, BLOB, GUID
  • Encrypt tables using strong encryption
  • Insert a long name for the field name and write a description for the specified tables
  • Support for remote client server access to the database
  • Manually back up and restore the database
  • Optimize tables with output and import capabilities

Installation guide

After installing the file in the Crack folder, copy it to the installation path and replace it with the existing file. The server must be stopped and you must exit to be replaced.

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Download DBISAM_Suite_4.40_for_XE_10.2.2_Full_Source

Download DBISAM_4.43_VCL_Server-Client_XE10.1_Berlin_32_64-bit

Download Dbisam 4.35 build 1

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