DbSchema 8.1.9 Windows / Linux / macOS

DbSchema 8.1.9 Windows / Linux / macOS

DbSchema is a tool for designing diagrams and creating queries for relational databases. This tool is useful with all relational databases such as MySql, MariaDb, Postgresql, SqlServer, Oracle, Db2, etc. In addition MongoDB and Cassandra are compatible. DbSchema allows users to track changes made to the schema by source controls such as git and svn, the Relational Data Browser tool in this software helps users to easily explore and edit database data with the mouse (even Multiple tables simultaneously). There are also other tools for creating queries, creating random data for tables, forms, reports and… at the heart of this software, which will have many applications for all programmers and database administrators.

Features and specifications of DbSchema software:

  •  Interactive diagrams and the ability to edit tables, columns, table keys through diagrams
  • Simple display and relational data editor (Ability to display data from multiple tables simultaneously and the ability to filter data)
  • Compare different schemes together
  • Build queries visually
  • Documentation in HTML5 format
  • Ability to create sketches offline without the need for a database connection
  • Build reports and forms
  • Generate random data for tables
  • Ability to reverse engineer database schemas
  • SQL script editor with syntax highlight capability for more readability
  • Ability to import text data, Excel, comma separated text files into the database
  • Full support for mobgoDB database

Installation guide

Register the software using the serial in the text file.

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