Deep Excavation DeepEX / DeepFND 2017 / SnailPlus 2012

Deep Excavation DeepEX / DeepFND 2017 / SnailPlus 2012

Deep Excavation DeepEX is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of deep drilling design and simulation. The software in front of you is in fact able to meet your needs in the field of modeling deep excavation plans, structural and geotechnical issues. In fact, with the help of this product, you can carry out your excavation projects in the best possible way. The integrated and reliable solutions of this software enable you to carry out your engineering projects well in a suitable environment.

Deep Excavation DeepEX software also brings a wide range of services and capabilities to users. Other features of this product include the ability to analyze the stability of the slope. This means that you will not need any other external software to analyze the slope stability, and this program alone will meet your needs in this area. On the other hand, the software in front of you is the only product in the field of drilling that estimates the cost of your project. Providing accurate reports is another feature of this product.

Complies with a wide range of US and European design standards such as AISC, ACI, AASHTO, AS 3600, BS, BS 5950-2000, EC2, EC3, EC7, DIN, DM08, etc. so you can download this software Choose for your drilling modeling.

Features and specifications of Deep Excavation DeepEX software:

  • Benefit from a very convenient and efficient user interface
  • Very special savings in your in-depth exploration of projects
  • Simulation of excavation projects in two types of geotechnical and structural design
  • Provide detailed and detailed reports of your projects
  • Estimate your project costs based on recorded data
  • Complies with all kinds of standards in this field

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download Deep Excavation DeepEX 2017 v17.0

Download Deep Excavation DeepFND 2017 v6.0

Download Deep Excavation SnailPlus 2012 v3.1.5.5

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