Microsoft Defender Antivirus comes to Android and Linux

Defender Antivirus
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Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Microsoft Defender Antivirus – Microsoft Defender is entering the world of Android and Linux. This takes Microsoft-style security to other platforms.

For decades, Windows has been one of the easiest operating systems for users, especially since it has spread all over the world and has no shortage of security software. However, in recent years Microsoft itself has developed its own security tools, and it is even so good that many Windows users are even counting on Microsoft Defender antivirus. Microsoft will now move its Advanced Threat Protection System (ATP) to two new operating systems, just one step away from globalization.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Security is not something that Android has become famous for, and despite Google’s efforts, most malware and phishing sites successfully penetrate users’ phones. Much of Google’s security system relies on automated checking and machine learning to deal with malicious apps and web pages, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. That’s why Microsoft plans to bring ATP‌ Defender to the Android platform to bring its traditional antivirus application to the mobile operating system.

ATP Defender for Android will bring everything you expect from an anti-malware application to your platform, such as scanning your phone for malware and detecting phishing. One of the interesting features of this software is blocking the access of certain applications such as Outlook to sensitive data to prevent your phone from being compromised.

Microsoft has also introduced this ATP for the Linux operating system. Of course, Linux is not completely vulnerable to malware and hacking, but the abuses in this operating system are at a deeper and more complex level than Windows viruses and browser trojans. Because Microsoft allows Linux to run on Windows, this antivirus ensures that such attempts are not made through the WSL backdoor.

ATP Defender is currently available on a trial basis for Microsoft 365 users. ATP Defender for Linux is now available to the public, but you need a license to use it on servers. End users will probably have to wait for the release of this antivirus application from Microsoft.

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