Delete game and application data on Android
application data

Delete game and application data on Android

clear game and application data

in the Android operating system, program information is stored in two sections, Cache and Data. Data and cache will increase the speed and efficiency of programs when running.

As mentioned, storing program information in cache and data is very useful, but sometimes the weight of data and program cache may cause disruption and regression in the program. For example, if you do not empty the data and cache of the Telegram program every once in a while, it is possible that the amount of information in the program will reach several gigs, and you will practically no longer be able to view and download anything in Telegram.

But in this section, we will deal with how to  delete game and application data in Android , and in the final part of this article, we will briefly discuss the removal of cache in Android. If you have any questions about clearing memory on iPhone, read this article We suggest you free up iPhone memory .

Clearing the data is actually a heavier function than clearing the cache because it removes all the data stored by an application and after running it, the program starts from scratch. For example, if you have gone through several stages of a game on your phone, clearing the cache will not damage any data stored and your level will not enter the game, but if you use clear data, the game will start from the beginning.

So before taking any action, pay full attention to these points, but the steps of clearing data  in Android are as follows:

On Android 7 and lower phones:

– First go to the Settings section, then go to the Apps section. This section is available in other models called Applications and Manage Applications.

– On this page you can see the list of all programs and games. Find and tap any program you want to clear data from.



Clear Data

– On the application page, refer to the Storage section. Tap the CLEAR DATA option to clear the application data from this page. Note that deleting the program data will also lose all the information in it. If you are sure of doing this, tap DELETE.

On Android phones higher than Android 7:

In these phones, the function of  deleting game data is very similar to phones with older Android and as follows:

– Go to phone settings, go to the Apps section. Find and select the program or game you want.




– Refer to the Storage section. Touch the Clear Data button to clear the application data.





Remove game and app cache on Android

But if you have to delete the information of a program or game only due to lack of memory, we suggest deleting the game or program cache instead of deleting the program or game data. There are two ways to do this:

Clear Android cache in one place:

– Enter your phone settings (Settings) and select the Storage option. In the opened page you will see the amount of space occupied by each section.


Clear Data

Tap Cached Data. Asks if you are sure I want to clear the cache? And you clear your Android cache by selecting the Ok option.

Clear Android cache in an app or game:

– Enter the Settings of your phone and tap on the Apps option. Now tap on the program or game you want to delete the cache.

– In the opened page, you will see several options, one of which is Cache Data. Tap Clear Cache to clear the program or game of your choice.

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