Design + Code - Build a web app with React Hooks 2021-2
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Design + Code – Build a web app with React Hooks 2021-2


Build a web app with React Hooks is a react training course. During this course, you will learn how the new look of the Design + Code tutorial site was prepared with React Hooks using Gatsby, Netlify, and advanced CSS techniques.

What you will learn in the Build a web app with React Hooks course:

  • Build a web application using React Hooks
  • Adjust the style of various components using CSS
  • Build a three-dimensional facade and landscape
  • Learn to use state
  • Learn to use effect and develop Netlify
  • Create user-friendly effects and interactions
  • Project-oriented learning for practical teaching of topics

Course specifications

Publisher: Design + Code
Instructors:  MENG TO
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 20
Duration: 4 hours

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Course topics:

Build an app with React Hooks (19:23)
CSS Styling and Best Practices (18:14)
Styled Components and Section Structure (17:06)
Text Styles, Color Variables and Global Style (18:50)
Button Component and Props (10: 13)
CSS Grid and Position Absolute (14:53)
CSS Hover, Transition and 2D Transform (11:15)
CSS Selectors and Filter Effect (10:29)
Backdrop-Filter Blur (12:33)
Perspective 3D Transforms (10:21) )
Static Data with Arrays (9:07)
Grid Repeat and Data (12:05)
Styled Component Props (6:40)
Toggle Menu with useState (11:12)
Visibility and Loop Condition (10:56)
Function Event and PreventDefault ( 6:36)
Wave Component and Inline Styling (12:05)
CSS Keyframes Animation with Delay (11:22)
Text Gradient and Media Queries (17:27)
useEffect and Deploy to Netlify (15:51)

Course prerequisites:


web app

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