DeskProto 7.1 Revision 10231 Multi-Axis Edition

DeskProto 7.1 Revision 10231 Multi-Axis Edition

DeskProto Description

DeskProto is the name of graphic software in the field of 3D design of prototypes of your products. This software is referred to as a 3D CAM tool. CAM software is the software that designs the products of a real product with the help and use of a computer. The software in front of you does exactly the same thing and is able to help you to do the best design for whatever you want to produce. This software is also able to read any STL file from any 3D CAM software.

DeskProto software is designed so that you can do full modeling for your product. If you are a jeweler you can design your own wax models, if you are an artist you can design the sculpture you need, also doctors for prosthetics and also in various other industries such as carpentry, scientific work for teachers and also knowledge Applied to students and in various other places. You will also use this software to access many examples in the design of various products.

Features and specifications of DeskProto software:

  • Very convenient user interface that will make the job easier for you
  • Supports all STL formats extracted from 3D CAD software
  • Can be used in all production work as a designer of the initial idea of ​​your product
  • Existence of educational videos through the official site of this software
  • And…

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required system 

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Recommended Hardware

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Disk space: 100 GB of free disk space (the Setup only installs ca 100 MB. Of data, however, you will need much more for your STL files and NC files)

Graphics: The 3D graphics card in your PC needs to support Open-GL (Version 3 or higher)




Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download DeskProto_7.1_Revision_10231 x64_Multi-Axis_Edition
Download DeskProto_7.0_Revision_9275_Multi-Axis_Edition
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