Desktop Experience WordCaptureX Pro 6.5.5449.0

Desktop Experience WordCaptureX Pro 6.5.5449.0

WordCaptureX is a software library that allows applicationsYou (for example a dictionary) record words on the screen. So the most common use for a program is a dictionary that enables users to search for any word in any program with a single click on that word. To achieve this goal, we offer to support two important tasks in this area. The first is to determine and monitor the actions that the user takes on the screen of another application and notify the application when such an action is detected. The second task is to mark the word / text on the screen (or record) with the user action. Another goal was to easily acquire the WordCaptureX library from the most popular languages, so that it was naturally designed using COM technology. Don’t worry, C ++ cleaners can still access it using simple headers.

WMonitorX and WordCaptureX:

  • Use the WMonitorX object to monitor mouse and keyboard activity. You simply state that you want to receive an event when it does. Your code should capture this event and use the WCaptureX object to record the text in the return coordinates as event parameters.
  • In order to record text, the developer needs to set the properties of a WInput object, which is passed as a parameter to the WCaptureX object-exposed recording method. The WResult recording method records the holding of the result. You get the text from the WResult object and pop it up in your window.

Installation guide

Copy the dll file in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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