Details of the iPhone SE Plus screen were revealed

iPhone SE Plus

Details of the iPhone SE Plus

Documents show that the iPhone SE Plus will come with a 6.1-inch display similar to the iPhone 12 and Face ID technology.

Apple introduced a new generation of iPhone Ss last year. This phone comes with the same A13 Bionic chip of the iPhone 11 series. It also uses a small 4.7-inch screen. Now, there is a lot of official and unofficial news claiming that a new SE series phone is on its way. Recently, 91mobiles quoted a whistleblower on Twitter as saying that the iPhone SE Plus smartphone will be the name of the next generation iPhone SE smartphone.

In addition, the source has revealed some of its key features. The screen size of the iPhone SE, which was 4.7 inches in the previous model, seems to increase to 6.1 in the iPhone SE Plus model. Its screen ratio will be 16 to 9. The case will also host the Apple A14 chip, but there’s no denying that the A13 SoC may still be available.

Other specifications of this phone include the use of a 12-megapixel lens as the main camera, support for optical image stabilization, smart HDR and some other features. The selfie camera of this phone will use the same Face ID of the iPhone 12 series.

IPhone SE Plus

It should be noted that since Apple no longer uses LCD screens for its new phones, the company’s LCD screen inventory is currently only used to produce the iPhone 11, and in the iPhone 12 series, the type of display is generally upgraded. has done. It may be concluded that it is not too far-fetched if Apple launches the iPhone SE with this type of display to drain the storage of its CD monitors.

Other specifications of iPhone SE Plus

The standard version is expected to be priced at $ 499, while the plus version is priced at $ 699. Of course, how to unlock the new generation iPhone SE is still a mystery. Rumor has it that in addition to Face ID, fingerprint sensor technology is used under the screen or on the edge of the phone. In appearance, the frame of the iPhone SE Plus will change to a right angle, like the iPhone 12 Plus. The phone also comes with IP67 certification, which is water and liquid resistant.

It should be noted that in 2016, Apple introduced its first “flagship” with a small screen called the iPhone SE. After that, it took four years to produce and market the second generation of the iPhone SE series.

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