devDept Eyeshot Ultimate 12.0.239 Winforms / WPF

devDept Eyeshot Ultimate 12.0.239 Winforms / WPF

.NET programmers can design rich CAD applications using devDept Eyeshot. In fact, this product is a collection of libraries and components written on the .NET framework in C # language, which will facilitate learning and working with this product. Eyeshot includes a complete set of curves, multidirectional meshes, surfaces, solids and hyperpoints, modeling tools including Boolean operations, offset surfaces and superpoints reconstruction. This product supports standard CAD formats for import and export. .NET developers (C # & VB) can easily connect with DevDept Eyeshot and use this powerful product in their applications.

Features and specifications of devDept Eyeshot:

  • Native controls for both Winform and WPF
  • Perform heavy modeling asynchronously
  • Import / export a variety of standard CAD formats
  • Access to all data models such as: Tesselations, B-Rep
  • Ability to choose between a number of preset display styles at design time
  • Numerous examples to get acquainted with the performance of the product
  • Use minimal hardware for installation
  • 100% managed code in AnyCPU mode
  • High performance even for very complex surfaces
  • Perfect performance with very high accuracy
  • Ability to configure controls in two two-dimensional view ports
  • Use parallel processing whenever possible
  • One of the best products in the field of zooming, moving and rotating dynamically
  • Ability to analyze 3D scenes and show hidden lines
  • Different and advanced selection modes
  • Possibility of finite element analysis
  • Ability to work with the mouse, finger (on touch screens) or a new Microsoft technology called Kinect
  • Optimize and test final design performance by combining finite element analysis capabilities with powerful modeling tools

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download EyeShot_Ultimate_12.0.239_WinForms_WPF

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Download DevDept_Eyeshot_Ultimate_SDK_10.ذ0.707.0

Download devDept_Eyeshot Ultimate 9.0.218

Download devDept_Eyeshot Ultimate 8.0.367

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