DevJet Documentation Insight Enterprise XE10-XE10.3 Rio

DocInsight, or more properly Documentation Insight, is a great way to document Delphi code. This program fully integrates with the RAD Studio environment and allows you to create and navigate documents for your programming code. One of the best uses of documentation tools in programming environments is to streamline your documentation.

This is doubly important when writing a library for public use. When you look at the programming documentation of Microsoft, Android Developer, and other greats, they are all written in a certain order, this is the consistency of the documentation tools. For Delphi code, DocInsight is one of the best in this regard.

This software simply extracts the XML documents from your code and displays the final documented output for that snippet of code in real time. DocInsight is an efficient and essential tool for Delphi programmers who care about the quality and orderliness of their code and documentation.

DocInsight Features:

  • Added all the tools of this software in the form of Documentation menu to RAD Studio environment
  • Ability to automatically correct spelling mistakes
  • Predefined templates
  • Easy documenting using wizards
  • Various formats for creating documents such as html, chm, hxs, hmxp
  • Automatic addition of index tab with the ability to search for html documents
  • Comprehensive and useful guide
  • Ability to quickly format xml documents
  • Powerful document explorer

Installation guide

The registry guide is in the Serial.txt file.

download link

Download DevJet_Documentation_Insight_Enterprise_3.8.11.27.XE10-XE10.3_Rio

Download DevJet_DocInsight_Enterprise_3.6.3.28_D7-XE10.2

Download DevJet DocInsight Enterprise v3.5.4.11 for D7-XE10.1 Berlin

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