DIALux evo 6.1

DIALux evo 6.1

DIALux evo is an advanced software in the field of professional lighting design. With this free software, you can professionally design, calculate and visualize light in a room, the whole floor, buildings and outdoor scenes. This application is used as a programming tool by more than 600,000 lighting designers worldwide. DIALux is constantly under development and the requirements of modern lighting design and lighting calculation. You can plan and design using the catalog of electronic lights from the world’s leading lamp manufacturers.

Features and capabilities of DIALux evo:

  • Design of a complete building with several floors and rooms
  • Use daylight and artificial light for professional lighting design
  • Optimization of light calculations with daytime running light control systems
  • Work with individual lighting scenes to adjust your lighting design to different modes
  • Design and production of calculations with current rules
  • 3D LED models, false colors, value charts, import and export of DWG files, support for 25 languages
  • Adjust light scenes in real time without having to recalculate the whole project
  • Calculate daylight with clear, clear and cloudy skies with CIE model
  • Create and calculate street lighting scenes
  • Creating complex spaces and lighting design concepts for the whole building
  • Integration of indoor and outdoor programming without the need for switches between files and software

Installation guide

This software is free and does not require cracking and activation.

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