DICAD STRAKON Premium 2020.3.2 x64

DICAD STRAKON Premium 2020.3.2 x64

STRAKON is a software for designing and modeling structures in three dimensions. Using this program, structural experts can design the most complex structures with high speed and accuracy by using the library of prefabricated parts of this product. One of the advantages of this software is having very suitable functions for three-dimensional design and more efficient processing of workflows for designing, planning the construction of industrial and commercial structures. You can perform all kinds of engineering calculations and design and modeling of different parts of the structure in this software.

The program has the ability to accurately analyze the structure and uses various regulations and international standards to assess the quality of the structure. This program has made it possible to combine two-dimensional and three-dimensional functions for combined design, and thus experts will be able to enjoy the benefits of designing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes simultaneously. We recommend to structural, civil and related engineers to design and perform calculations related to structures, they must also have this program in their review list, because using STRAKON makes the work much faster than before.

Features and characteristics of STRAKON software:

  •  Simple graphical environment and easy steps
  • Fast output generation and rich and complete reports
  • Possibility of three-dimensional design of structures using three-dimensional functions
  • Ability to combine two-dimensional and three-dimensional design methods together
  • Complete program guide
  • Easy to learn different parts
  • Ability to do the project simultaneously by several people
  • Design based on the latest international standards
  • Ability to exchange information through DWG files with other related software
  • Perform calculations automatically
  • Extensive authority to design structures flexibly

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder inside the ISO file.

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