DigiDNA iMazing 2.11.7 Windows / macOS

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iMazing is an application for exchanging and transferring information between iOS devices. One of the main advantages of Apple products is the very good coordination of different devices and the coordination between hardware and software. This program is an effort in this regard. Using iMazing, you can easily connect all types of iOS devices, including iPad, iPhone and به to your computer and exchange information directly with them. For example, by connecting the iPhone to the system, you can read, delete, and make backup text messages. Open the phone gallery. Delete or edit the desired images.

It also gives you the ability to view hidden files and connected system devices, which in many cases will be of great use to us. With just a few clicks you can back up all contacts, contact lists, text messages, gallery and در on the computer or restore the backup. With the help of this program, you can access the software installed on the device you want. You will see the folders and files on the device.

You will be able to see the amount of free and consumed memory of the device on the computer. Identify large folders and files and delete if necessary. You can transfer your favorite songs by connecting the classic iPod, mini, nano and.. Delete or complete the profile of music files and tags. This program has a beautiful graphical interface and the speed of connection and detection of connected devices is high. If you have different Android devices, we recommend that you install this tool to facilitate file sharing and management of these devices.

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