Sony digital paper with a 10.3-inch screen and Android 9

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Digital paper is one of the most suitable gadgets for writing, and due to the popularity of these gadgets, Sony introduced the second version of its digital paper called Sony Digital Paper DPT-CP1.

This device is a gadget for writing and you can use this gadget with a color screen instead of paper and pen. It should be noted that Sony has equipped the second version of its digital paper with E INK Kaleido 2.5 technology, but full information about this technology has not been released by Sony yet.

Sony Digital Paper

New technology used in Sony digital paper makes colors appear a little more natural and dense, and the use of E INK Carta 1250 technology has also improved the performance of the pen.

Sony Digital Paper

In terms of core hardware, the second version of the company’s digital paper uses a 10.3-inch color screen (E INK Carta 1250) and Kaleido 2.5 electronic ink. B&W had a resolution of 1440 x 1872 at a pixel density of 227, but the color resolution per pixel was not specified. This digital paper can display 4096 colors at a pixel density of 100, and this is one of the improvements of this gadget compared to its previous generation.

Sony Digital Paper

The gadget also has a new screen called WACOM, which makes Sony digital paper compatible with most WACOM pens on the market. This is also one of the developments of this generation of digital paper, because the previous generation pen was a custom pen that was charged via the microUSB port.

This Sony gadget uses a 1.8 GHz quad-core Cortex A53 processor. This device will come with 32 GB of internal memory, USB-C port and Bluetooth 5.0. It should be noted that Sony digital paper with Android 9 (Pie) will be available to users and according to the standards of e-books, the use of this operating system is acceptable. This Sony gadget has an Internet browser and you can use it to search the Internet or check your emails.

Sony has not released any other information and the price of this device is not known at the moment, it should be noted that this gadget will be available in Japan first.


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