DIHtmlParser 7.12.0 for Delphi 10.3 Rio

DIHtmlParser 7.12.0 for Delphi 10.3 Rio

DIHtmlParser is a component for extracting data from HTML files for Delphi programmers. Using this component, programmers can analyze HTML, XHTML and XML documents and extract any information they need from these documents. If you need to write a spider or data crawler between different websites, using this component will help you a lot, by using this product, you can extract your desired data from different websites much more easily, and in fact, this product is a hassle. It takes a lot of coding off your shoulders. This component is designed for the Delphi language and can be used in various Delphi programming environments such as Embarcadero, CodeGear and Borland.

Some of the data that can be extracted by this component:

  • Data in the CData section
  • Different comments that you may have used in different parts of the document
  • DTD or Document Type Definition
  • All HTML tags (over 80 different tags)
  • Scripts defined between tags SCRIPT>
  • Ability to read in-text styles of html documents located between the <STYLE> tags
  • Ability to read different texts (paragraphs and…)
  • Read different titles and metadata
  • Ability to parse XML documents
  • Detects server-side ASP code between specific tags
  • Recognize custom tags defined
  • Detect php code between <? Tags php?> is defined
  • Detect SSI codes
  • And …

Features and specifications of DIHtmlParser component:

  • Full support for Unicode (this means full support for Persian and Arabic data extraction and other Unicode languages)
  • Read and write data in more than 70 different character sets (operating system independent)
  • Supports over 150 different character sets with the help of DIConverters
  • Work with TStream, memory buffer or strings
  • Ability to work on only part of an HTML document
  • Easy development by TDIHtmlParserPlugin interface

Installation guide

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