DipTrace x86 / x64

DipTrace software is a schematic capture software and quality PCB design for designing simple or complex multi-layer boards from schematic to file can be provided for construction.

After a few hours of working with this program you can produce simple boards and gradually increase your skill for designing complex boards. Use simple features for simple boards and advanced features for complex boards.

You can increase the design possibilities by using additional program modules. You can learn the different steps of board design using the program guide that comes with the program.

Features and specifications of DipTrace software :

– Fast learning of the user interface due to its simplicity

– Hierarchical and multi-page schematics

– Shape-based and high-speed routing

– Intelligent manual routing tools

– Extensive Export and Import capabilities

– Schematic interaction and PCB design

– Advanced validation using instant DRC

– 3D PCB preview and STEP extraction

– Build output

Installation guide

After installation, copy the file in the Crack folder to the program installation location and register the program with the information in the Readme file.

The software looks like a trial, but there are no restrictions.

This version was installed on August 10, 1998 on 64-bit Windows 10 and – as shown in the image – has been successfully activated.

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Download DipTrace x86

Download DipTrace x64

Download 3D Libraries Latest Version

Download DipTrace 3.1 macOS

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