DIRegEx 8.10.0 for Delphi 10.3 Rio

DIRegEx is a useful library of various components and procedures that provide regex expressions with Perl template and syntax for Delphi programmers. The components of this collection are fully usable in Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland environments. The library has proposed two different algorithms for implementing regex, both of which include regular classes for easy use in Delphi.

One of these classes is TDIPerlRegEx, which implements ridge-related algorithms in a syntax similar to Perl. This is because Perl is one of the strongest languages ​​in the field of regular expression, and many programmers are accustomed to syntaxing this language to work with Rijks. On the other hand, Perl language establishes a more appropriate syntactic relationship with Reject. All of this led to this class being presented with Perl language syntax. The next class is TDIDfaRegEx, in which adaptive DFA algorithms are implemented. DFA machines are one of the most important topics in the field of pattern matching, which also has many applications in the field of artificial intelligence. Using this class, you can easily perform all kinds of adaptations for DFA.

Both of these classes are branched out from TDIRegEx, which includes general functions for matching and searching patterns, regardless of Reject or DFA. DIRegEx also has components for editing and filtering regular expressions that can be used to control inputs, just like the Delphi TMaskEdit control. For example, you can have a text box that accepts only certain phrases for input, such as numbers, phone numbers, phrases that start or end with a specific word, and

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