DISQLite3 Pro 5.27.0 for D4-XE10.3

DISQLite3 is the SQLite database engine for Delphi. This engine is completely and independently developed for Delphi and can be used in various Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland environments. SQLite is a compact and simple database that is easy to configure and use for both programmers and program users. Because of the importance of this database, its engines have been developed for many languages, and DISQLite3 is a successful implementation of this database in Delphi. One of the advantages of this database is that program users, unlike heavy databases such as SQL Server, do not need complicated steps to install and set up the database and connect to the program. There is no ground and the engine shuts down to free up system resources.

Features and specifications of DISQLite3 database engine:

  •  ACID transactions even after the system crashes
  • No need to configure, no need for an admin account
  • Almost complete implementation of SQL-92
  • Complete storage of the database in a single portable file, without the need for servers and software prerequisites
  • Support for large terabytes of databases and gigabytes of strings as well as blobs
  • No dependence on foreign libraries
  • The small size of the library adds about 300 KB to the final code
  • Full text search (FTS) with the ability to customize tokens for 15 different languages
  • Ability to encrypt AES with SHA256 keys
  • No need for Db.pas to be compatible with all Delphi versions, both standard and personal
  • High speed in performing data retrieval operations compared to other databases
  • Simple, tidy and documented API
  • Ability to access DISQLite3 databases on Linux, Mac operating systems using SQLite libraries

Installation guide

Use the cracked files in the Crack folder according to the version you are using.

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Download DISQLite3_5.27.0_for_Delphi_10.3_Rio_Cracked

Download DISQLite3_5.26.1_for_D4-XE10.3_x86

Download DISQLite3_5.26.1_for_D4-XE10.3_x64

Download DISQLite3_Pro_5.24.0_for_D4-XE10.2

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