DIUnicode 6.8.0 for D4-XE10.2

DIUnicode 6.8.0 for D4-XE10.2

DIUnicode is a library of classes for reading and writing Unicode content for Delphi programmers (Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland). This encoded and decoded library has implemented more than 150 different character sets, including: UTF-7, UTF-8, UTF-16, the ISO-8859 family, and various Windows and Macintosh codec pages. Set KOI8 and Chinese GB18030 mentioned. If your application needs to handle texts with different characters, using this library will definitely make your job easier and improve your development speed and productivity.

Both unicode reader and writer can work with strings, buffers and streams. For example, you can read or write BLOB streams directly from databases without the need for temporary storage. The efficient buffering system in this library ensures high efficiency and productivity even for processing large files. DIUnicode simplifies reading and writing Unicode texts like regular ski texts, regardless of character or content encoding.

This library is very fast in processing information even when dealing with very large files. Both the read and write sections have a buffer mechanism that allows large files to be read fragmented, thus reducing program performance. DIUnicode does not need to fully load the file into memory, which increases the character conversion rate to about 20 Mbps.

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Copy the Crack folder files to the appropriate location according to your desired version.

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