Diving – Body Positions

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Diving is a technique of leaping from a springboard right into a pool of water by performing some twists and turns within the air. Nevertheless it requires heavy management over physique to carry out this. Let’s first be taught the fundamentals of diving after which we’ll proceed to numerous strategies.

Physique Positions in Diving

Number of dives is carried out by the athletes within the competitors. Nevertheless; there are 4 primary physique positions, as defined beneath.

  • Straight − In the sort of posture with out bending your hips or knees, your physique needs to be consistent with the fluid.
  • Pike − Not like in straight place, the bending of physique at hips is allowed however such shouldn’t be the case with knees.
  • Tuck − In the sort of posture, you need to tightly maintain your arms along with your decrease leg.
  • Free − Free physique positions are made to twist in air. Any doable mixture of two or extra positions can be utilized over right here.

These positions are referred to by the letters A, B, C and D respectively.

Body Positions