Diving – Points to Note

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The next two factors play a vital half in any sort of diving −

  • The trail of trajectory adopted for diving
  • The impact of angular momentum.

It is because in accordance with legislation of conservation of power, by altering the physique angle with adequate velocity, the full quantity of rotation will be different.

Path of Trajectory

Path of Trajectory

Trajectory is a path on which a diver travels from the springboard to the swimming pool. For security function, it’s good to take care of far from the diving board.

The athletes are penalized if there may be a lot distance between him and the board. If you wish to obtain highest peak, then you have to present your concern over these −

  • A superb peak needs to be aimed for as a result of this can fetch you a great rating from the judges.
  • As the peak will increase, you get extra time to govern your physique to indicate some good acrobatic expertise.
  • In case your peak of dive is extra, then the ahead journey distance can be consequently much less.

The Impact of Angular Momentum

Diving is a sport of angular momentum which is the product of rotational velocity and second of inertia. Second of inertia relies upon upon the radius of physique flexibility. Now coming to the rotational velocity, it relies upon upon the compactness of the physique instantly. Meaning if the athlete desires to extend his rotational velocity, he’ll compact his physique and for reverse he has to make it straight.