DIZipWriter 6.4.1 D7-D10.3 Rio x86 / x64

DIZipWriter 6.4.1 D7-D10.3 Rio x86 / x64

DIZipWriter is a useful component for creating pkzip-compatible zip files in Delphi. The main features of this component are in the main class called TDIZipWriter. In this class there are methods for creating zip archive files. Using these methods, you can read the desired files from the disk and convert them to a zip archive. You can convert streams and memory buffers directly to a zip file and other possible cases. This component is very straightforward and easy to use.

You do not need a temporary interface to store the data. This component does not use any temporary files for its work, it does not consume much memory. Using this component, you can put a compressed file for all entries or the desired comments in general. The use of files with long names is supported. One of the interesting features of this component is the ability to stream data directly into zip files. This means that you can use the input streams directly from one side and convert these streams to compressed files on the other side.

Direct streaming in this DIZipWriter is very efficient as it does not use much temporary files and middle memory. Many zip components require temporary intermediate files to perform this operation, which somehow accompanies the archiving operation by reworking and rewriting. The same steps are repeated while reading. Eliminating the middle steps in this component makes the archiving operation much faster and more efficient. Another important feature of this component is the ability to encrypt 256-bit AES data. In this way, encrypted archives are generated with secure electronic signatures that are suitable for transmission over the web. PKZip compatible zip files are other formats supported by this component.

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