DNV Software Sesame Marine 2013

DNV Software Sesame Marine 2013

Marine operations such as transportation, installation and transportation of fixed and floating structures, as well as installation of submarine equipment in deep areas with harsh weather is one of the engineering challenges. Sesam Marine software is a marine operations simulator that provides three-dimensional models to help solve these challenges. This is the first time that the complexity of naval operations can be analyzed with three-dimensional models, which has a great impact on the success of naval operations.

Using Sesam Marine, risk management can be done using offshore simulation as well as according to the conditions and structure of the project.
Using the ability to simulate different environments and conditions, accurate and realistic tests can be performed. Also, at the same time as performing naval and submarine operations, such as installing pipes, repairing pipelines. Or the installation of masts also used this software. Sesam Marine provides appropriate analysis according to the time of operation.

Sesam Marin can also be used in many oil operations, such as transporting and installing rigs and unloading oil tankers. The rapid simulation capability of this software while implementing different conditional scenarios significantly reduces the risk of offshore operations and facilities.

Features and capabilities of Sesam Marine software:

  • Maritime operations risk management
  • Perform conditional operations
  • Perform operations safely and executably
  • Utilizing information from other sciences to increase efficiency
  • Operation Feasibility Assessment
  • Gain a better understanding of problems and challenges
  • Prepare for real operations by simulating the environment
  • Support for decision-making operations during actual operations
  • Understanding the environment through virtualization

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file inside the Crack folder.

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