Docklight 2.2.8

Docklight 2.2.8

Docklight is a tool for testing, analyzing and simulating serial ports (RS232, RS485 / 422, etc.). This program allows you to monitor the communication between two serial ports or monitor and test the communication of a specific device. This program has a simple environment and is installed on all versions of Windows XP / 7/8/10. Docklight Scripting is a special scripting language with an internal editor for running automated tests on serial ports. In addition to supporting standard COM ports (such as RS232), this tool is also compatible with other ports such as TCP / UDP / USB and Bluetooth and can be easily monitored.

You can monitor the types of information transactions performed on these ports and perform various tasks using the introduced script language. Docklight logs the data received from these ports well and always provides it for analysis. This software has high flexibility and dramatically increases productivity in a wide range of industries such as automation and control, communications, automotive, etc. This program is able to detect a specific sequence of data and perform predefined operations based on written scripts. In addition, if you need serial communication or TCP in your program, you can use the API of this software, which is available for C ++, C #, Java and Excel macros .

Docklight Features and Features:

  • Simulation of serial ports
  • Support for USB ports
  • High speed in operations
  • Ability to script and define operations to automate tasks
  • Logging RS232 port data
  • Recognize specific sequences of data and execute related scripts
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows

Installation guide

Register the software using the accompanying text file.

download link

Download Docklight_2.2.8

Download Docklight_Scripting_2.2.8  (does not enable software serial)