Dodge S86 handset with an 8500 mAh battery

Dodge S86
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The Chinese Dodge S86 smartphone was unveiled with a very high strength, an 8500 mAh battery with a 4-day charge and a price of $ 300.

Chinese company Doji specializes in introducing phones with amazing technical specifications. The company recently unveiled the sturdy Dodge S86 phone with an 8500 mAh battery that can offer a battery life of 2 to 4 days. We have to put this model along with other powerful phones such as Dodge S88 Plus and S96 Pro.

Dodge S86; A combination of strength and beauty

The Dodge S86 is a very durable phone that also offers impressive performance. This phone has attractive advantages such as excellent battery life, very good performance and a completely solid design.

Powerful design

The Dodge S86 is a great smartphone that offers a combination of performance and design. Regardless of its resistance capabilities, this phone has a beautiful appearance and its details have been carefully worked on. The Dodge S86 can be a great companion for those looking for outdoor adventure and for those who travel frequently.

Dodge S86

Giant battery

Dodge ‘s new phone is powered by a giant 8,500mAh battery that can be charged via a 24-watt Type-C port. This battery can be charged for 2 to 4 days in standard mode and can last up to 27 days in standby mode. Thanks to the giant battery of this phone, you can talk to it for up to 29 hours non-stop.

Dodge S86

good performance

MediaTek’s 8-core Helio P60 processor is at the heart of the Dodge S86, which, with a graphics processor, can handle anything. This processor comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory of UFS 2.1 type. The dimensions of this phone are equal to 164.6 by 81.2 by 16.8 mm.

Dodge S86

This device has IP68 and IP69K GA for resistance to water and dust penetration as well as falling from heights. For only $ 300, you can own this powerful phone with all its attractive features.

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