Does a high protein diet increase the risk of cancer ?

high protein diet
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High protein diet

High protein diet

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Protein-based diets, such as the Paleo diet or the Atkins diet, are common these days, but research has shown that such dietary strategies may not be   as healthy as they seem.

Diets with high protein properties , which are mostly high in meat  ,  dairy  , and other animal products, can be associated with serious medical conditions! If you are already following such a diet, then you need to rethink your menu after you know what the doctors have to say about it.

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The latest research on protein

High protein diet

A recent study in Cell Metabolism of 6,381 people over the age of 50 showed that high intake of protein, especially animal protein, can be as harmful as smoking! In fact, study participants between the ages of 50 and 65, who ate high amounts of animal protein in middle age, had four times as many cancer deaths during the study!

Even more disturbing is the fact that the definition of “high protein” in the eyes of this research is much less than the values ​​suggested in today’s fashion diet! This is because participants whose daily calories comprise only 20% of their daily calories from protein fall into this category. But for example,  the paleo diet makes up  about 38% of its daily calories, which is nearly double that!

Why protein increases the risk of cancer?

High protein diet

Studies in mice have shown that  high-protein diets  increase levels of IGF-1 growth hormone . Human research has also shown that anyone with more IGF-1 is more likely to die from cancer.

“When you eat a lot of protein, these growth factors increase, and we have shown that they can help normal cells grow like cancer cells,” says Walter Longo, a researcher and professor of biology at the University of Southern California.

This research might sound awkward, but it isn’t the first of its kind. In another clinical trial, researchers looked at a group of people who did not smoke or drink alcohol, nearly half of whom were vegetarians. And they found that vegetarians in that group were less likely to develop cancer.

Another large-scale study in Germany and the United Kingdom showed exactly the same results. Vegetarians are 40% less likely to get cancer.

The American Cancer Research Institute also confirmed in 2007 that the potential risk  from  animal diets would increase the risk of several types of cancer.

And in countries that consume more animal fats, such as meat fats, butter and cheese,  breast cancer is  more prevalent, according to the Medical Reports Committee.

Non-meat protein sources

High protein diet

Benefit from plant-based protein that does not increase the risk of cancer, such as beans, tofu, and grains such as nuts and walnuts, to reach nutrients for your body. Benefit from whole grains and plant foods like  fruits  , vegetables ,  bread and pasta, and to get the fats you need get them from olive oil,  avocados and other healthy sources.

This situation may be difficult at first, but you will gradually get used to it, learn to love  healthy foods, and make sure you live a longer life.

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