Download Alien Creeps TD game for Android

Download Alien Creeps TD game for Android

The spacecraft have invaded Earth again and intend to conquer it. You will be prepared to deal with a group of the best and the right equipment that can stand in front of them. Increase accuracy and build each building in the right place. Put military equipment in the best available location so that you can get the most out of it. Everything is ready so start playing. These definitions are part of the fascinating gameplay of Alien Creeps TD, which was created and published by the designers of Outplay Entertainment game development studio for mobile smartphones. The mood of the action game and its style are strategically defined. Many castle defense games have been made and published, and this game can be considered one of the best options among them.

+ Game graphics :

The game’s graphics have been able to be eye-catching and dazzling by using wonderful lighting as well as attractive and unique effects. By zooming in and out on a map or battlefield, you can see everything clearly and enjoy the finest details used in the scenes. Since the game is strategically designed, you have control over everything from above and you can easily place or move different elements with one finger. There is not that much complexity in the menu section and everything is marked with a special button. A very beautiful soundtrack that has a special atmosphere at each stage, along with the main sound of the game, which is an attractive combination of shooting and the sound of people, has been able to complete this part in the best possible way and make the game more attractive.

+ Generalities + Summary:

Your task in this game is to defend the city against dozens of different races of space. The tools for this will be available to you, such as several models of defense building, infantry, air support, as well as a special hero who will be a head and neck bigger and, of course, tougher than the others. It all comes down to you and the type of arrangement of the elements in the winding paths, how to use machine guns or rocket launchers, lasers and Tesla towers. At the beginning of the game, an expert commander will explain all the items and the general shape of the game to you. The hero of the game will be in your control and will accompany the forces wherever you need. In cases where you want to destroy a large number of enemy forces, it is better to use air support. In this case, the main base of the helicopter will be called and will drop cluster bombs in the area, which will lead to the destruction of the enemy.

+ Upgrades and new items:

Feel free to upgrade your mind, because game developers have considered different things for this case, and only you should adopt a suitable strategy to upgrade different things. Initial upgrades will take about 5 or 10 minutes, but at higher levels, it is best to line them up and wait a few hours. In the higher stages, new enemies will also get you in trouble, so you have to be careful. The game also has an in-app payment that you can use to prepare and use new and more modern buildings for yourself.

  • Key features of the game:
  1. Different defense towers
  2. Diverse locations for defense
  3. Appropriate combat equipment
  4. Three different modes to play
  5. Ability to upgrade and improve defense towers
  6. Fun and engaging gameplay
  7. Unique and special graphics